How does our environment guide neural development, and how does the emerging neural architecture support perception and behavior?

Our research combines neuroimaging, behavior, and electrophysiology to understand how intrinsic and experience-driven processes interact throughout development to shape brain organization and behavior. Our current focus is on neural development supporting visual object recognition across mammalian species.

The lab is part of the Thalamus Conte Center aimed at advancing our understanding on the role of higher order thalamus on cognition.

Check out the project and the fantastic group of investigators involved!

We're looking to hire a postdoc to work on projects tracking behavioral and neural (structural + functional) changes across development in tree shrews, macaques, and humans. E-mail Mike if interested.

Lab News

Jan 2024. New paper in Annual Reviews Neuroscience!

Jan 2024. The lab has received a Whitehall Foundation grant to study neuroanatomical constraints on the development of visual domains.

Oct 2023. The lab welcomes our new postdoc, Xingyu Liu!

Oct 2023. The lab welcomes our new postdoc, Vlad Ayzenberg!

April 2023. The lab is thrilled to be part of the Thalamus Conte Center where we will study thalamocortical cognitive networks in the healthy human brain.

Feb 2023. New paper in Nature Reviews Psychology!